Mirror viziersaao

Mirror is able to use databases: POSTGRES
Have got FTP repository
Have got dictionary

The big catalogue access

Catalogue Local
APM    ok
CMC14    ok
DENIS-P    ok
DENIS    ok
DENIS3    ok
2MASS    ok
2MASSI    ok
glimpse    ok
GSC_1.1    ok
GSC_1.2    ok
GSC_ACT    ok
GSC2.2    -
gsc2.3    ok
kic    ok
NOMAD1    ok
USNO_A1    ok
USNO_A2    ok
ppmx    ok
ppmxl    ok
SDSS3    -
sdss4    -
sdss5    -
sdss6    -
sdss7    -
sdss8    -
sdss9    -
spm4.exe    ok
UCAC1    ok
UCAC2    ok
ucac3.exe    ok
ucac4.exe    ok
USNO_B1    ok
2mass6x    ok
allwise    ok
apass9    ok
attitude    ok
galex_gr5_ais    ok
galex_gr5_mis    ok
irsf_mcpsc    ok
kids_dr2    ok
kids_dr3    ok
lmcps    ok
mc2    ok
ogle_bulge    ok
sage_arch    ok
ucac5    ok
ukidss_dr6_gps    ok
ukidss_dr7_las    ok
ukidss_dr8_dxs    ok
ukidss_dr8_gcs    ok
ukidss_dr8_las    ok
ukidss_dr9_dxs    ok
ukidss_dr9_gcs    ok
ukidss_dr9_las    ok
viking_dr1    ok
wise_allsky    ok
xpm    ok